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Now, more than ever, with the dramatic increase in the art market, many people are discovering that they have substantial equity in their artwork. Having adequate insurance against loss or damage will protect your assets. Insurance companies require that works of art be accurately described and valued in order to provide coverage.

As a member of the International Society of Appraisers, Zwicker's Gallery is qualified to offer expert valuation and appraisal services for works of art for insurance, donation, probate or family division purposes. Please contact the Director for further details or to make an appointment.

Zwicker’s also offers over the counter evaluations, in which the appraiser provides an estimate of the value of your artwork. It is not a formal appraisal, which is an in-depth evaluation. An over-the-counter evaluation is sufficient for a person who requires a rough value of their artwork, which can be used to determine if the artwork is worth pursuing a formal appraisal. An appointment is required for an over-the-counter evaluation.

Over-the-Counter Evaluations

An appointment is recommended for an over-the-counter evaluation.

The evaluation is verbal and is not written.

Fee for estimate:

$75.00 (+ tx) 1 artwork

$15.00 (each) (+tx) additional artworks

Negotiated fee for large collections.