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Adolphe Vogt, CSA (1841-1871)
Adolphe Vogt was a Canadian painter, and founding member of the Canadian Society of Artists in 1870.  Vogt was born in Thuringia in Germany. He immigrated to Philadelphia in 1854, where he studied painting under Mathew Schwartz and Peter Kromer. In 1861, he returned to Germany, where he furthered his studies under artists such as Gustave Doré, Auguste Bonheur, Brandel and the noted painter of cattle, M. Koller. Vogt came to Canada for a short trip in 1866 and returned in 1877 to settle in Montreal, where he became a popular painter of genre subjects, including horses and cattle. Montreal was the first community in Canada to offer a market for paintings, and a number of important artists in the early years of Canadian painting settled there. In addition to Vogt, Alan Edson, Otto Jacobi, C.J. Way and F.M. Bell-Smith worked in the city. Vogt was in New York in 1871 when he contracted smallpox, and died shortly thereafter at the young age of 29 years.

Pausing for Lunch is a wonderful example of Vogt’s dramatic use of light and shade. It was exhibited at the inaugural exhibition of the Canadian Society of Artists in 1870.