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J. Franklin Wright, CSMP, ISMP (b. 1924)
Franklin Wright is one of the best known marine painters in Canada in the latter half of the 20th century. He is particularly well known for his meticulously executed portraits of 19th century vessels from the great age of sail. He has made a specialty of creating portraits of vessels built in maritime Canada. He is known for his careful researching of the basic information from which the paintings are generated. But his works are more than detailed architectural studies of the ships, they are genuine works of art which manage to breathe life into the vessel depicted. His knowledge of the way a sailing vessel sits in the water and the amount of sail for the depicted weather conditions is evident in each painting.

Wright has exhibited extensively throughout Canada, and abroad including the Annual Mystic Invitational, Mystic, Connecticut, the Jacob Javitz Centre, NY, New York, the Royal Society of Marine Artists London, England, and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, London, England.

He is a member of the Canadian Society of Marine Painters and the International Society of Marine Painters in Florida.