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Hallie Watson
"It is a part of the human character to want to say, “I am here!” We want to make a mark. We want to show our presence in some way. To me, most things (furniture and objects) have a meaning. They have stories behind them that are part of other people’s expression of “I am here”. I think that is interesting, and I have started a project I call the “Treasure Project”. In my mind it is a book with a photo of a drawing of an object on one page, and its story on the facing page. The project is called, “Treasure” because there is a feeling of exciting discovery, a wealth of stories, layers of ghost people, and objects and meaning. Not all of these drawings are part of the treasure project. The others are a part of my exaltation of the growing world. In the garden, meaning, is a bigger thing. How a leaf develops and unfurls is a magic that includes me. Making a drawing of the layers of the petals of a rose is a meditation on the marvellous in the natural world.”

My Grandmother’s Desk.
Oil pastel on paper
27 ½” x 19 ½”
Oil pastel on paper
19 ½” x 27 ½”