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Hallie Watson
"It is a part of the human character to want to say, “I am here!” We want to make a mark. We want to show our presence in some way. To me, most things (furniture and objects) have a meaning. They have stories behind them that are part of other people’s expression of “I am here”. I think that is interesting, and I have started a project I call the “Treasure Project”. In my mind it is a book with a photo of a drawing of an object on one page, and its story on the facing page. The project is called, “Treasure” because there is a feeling of exciting discovery, a wealth of stories, layers of ghost people, and objects and meaning. Not all of these drawings are part of the treasure project. The others are a part of my exaltation of the growing world. In the garden, meaning, is a bigger thing. How a leaf develops and unfurls is a magic that includes me. Making a drawing of the layers of the petals of a rose is a meditation on the marvellous in the natural world.”

My Grandmother’s Desk.
Oil pastel on paper
27 ½” x 19 ½”
Oil pastel on paper
19 ½” x 27 ½”

Plate, Spoon and Napkin

How wonderful that a cryptic mark on the bottom of our soup bowls could say so much. They were made on September 19, 1871. William Morris was creating his designs from nature. Darwin had published his Origin of Species only twelve years earlier. Whistler had just painted his mother.

In 1871, I would have worn a corset laced up tight. On top of that, a bustle-a wire framework that made a kind of shelf out the back. On top of that, the petticoat, and then layers of the dress itself. My feet would not show. Certainly not my legs.

Here I am now. The bowls are still the same. The soup has probably improved (it is Szechwan carrot soup) and I am luxuriously corsettless.
Oil pastel on paper
19 ½” x 27 ½”
Oil pastel on paper 19 ½” x 27 ½”
My Grandmother’s Desk
Oil pastel on paper
27 ½” x 19 ½”
Oil pastel on paper 27 ½” x 19 ½”